Welcome to the Briarwood Crime Watch Neighborhood Association website!  We are happy you have chosen to be part of one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Dallas.  We are a wonderfully diverse and active community of over 500 households that dates back to the late 1930s.  
Briarwood Crime Watch (BCW) Neighborhood Association is a completely volunteer-run organization primarily focused on safety and crime prevention.  We are pleased to report that our association is recognized as one of the most active and effective in the city!
While membership in Briarwood Crime Watch is voluntary, we hope you will choose to join us!  We are committed to spending 90% of your dues on crime prevention.  The bulk of the funds are invested in enhanced neighborhood police patrols for the safety and security of our community.  For more information please click on the "About" link above.  
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Briarwood Crime Watch Neighborhood Association
P.O. Box 195075
Dallas, TX. 75219
Then click "Contact Us" above to report the crime to Briarwood Crime Watch. 
Safety tips from the Dallas Police Department:
*Install a residential alarm if possible
*Illuminate interior and exterior of home
*Install 1 inch deadbolt locks, instead of chain locks
*Always keep doors and windows locked whenever you are away
*Never hide keys outside your home
*Keep garage/shed doors shut and locked
*Don't let mail or newspapers pile up in front of your house while you are away
*Instruct children not to open the door when someone is knocking/ringing 
*Never leave children unattended in your vehicle
*Park in well-lit areas
*Never leave your car keys in your vehicle 
*Never leave an unattended vehicle running
*When you park your car always "Lock/Take/Hide"...lock up your car, take and/or hide your valuables.
*If you ever feel you are being followed, CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY.  NEVER pull over.
And of course, ALWAYS be aware of what is going on around you!
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If you are experiencing a crime in-progress or have been the victim of a crime please call 911 immediately!!!
AFTER calling 911 please report the incident to BCW at
Dallas Police Department
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Business Sponsors
These local businesses are members of Briarwood Crime Watch Neighborhood Association.  They contribute $600 per year in support of our community.  
Please let them know you appreciate their support by frequenting their businesses! 
West Lovers Lane Condominiums
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